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New Style to increase ergonomics!
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Hardware Kit

Mount dry erase count boards to your
IV poles

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Larger Mobiles

One page flyer

 Magnetic Tablet

Tiltable Model



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PRICE 11x17

Price 17x23.5


Steel and magnet on IV Stand

A11026 in use
4 Popular Configurations(all are dry erase):

1. We print a magnet that is same size as steel

2. We print a insert that goes inder a lens cover where both are held on by Magnets

3. We print a Peel and stick overlay the size of the steel

4. We make a tablet with a magnetic back that adheres to steel or can be handheld. Tablet can be larger than the steel since it is rigid.


Steel can be mounted either vertically or horizontally
 since hole pattern is a Square

5.  New Tiltable Style allows increased placement on IV pole along with increased viewing angles and usability

Styrene std panel 11.5x23.5

Styrene panel held on by magnets

back is steel so its available for many items

Dry erase magnet holds firmly

IV pole 1" diameter before Count boards
A10574 for Centenial with trial run coming 12/1/2020

All current Pole-Mount Images

Back shows steel and brackets

11x17 steel mounted  (before paint

Side view showing Brackets