Tablet for Post-Mount Mobile Boards

Tablet with Magnetic back to use with Pole mount or hand held

12"x18" for 11x17 unit base


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Price 17x23

Price 11x17

A10948 12"x18" Magnetic Tablet
for Pole Mount board


 *** New style 4/2023 is our .060" Styrene based tablet ***
The styrene based tablet is very sturdy and cleanable.  We recommend it over the chipboard or FRP one's and it is also at a lower price.   The Styrene should not chip if dropped and it is a dense plastic that will not absorb chemical on its edges.

Chipboard Style is more $ and is not as sturdy or cleanable as new styrene models

These Tablets have a .050" white chipboard core.  They are useable as a handheld tablet and with their .030" full magnet back can be attached to the steel of the pole mount.   Tristar our orignal customer on these prefers these over the FRP because they dropped them or knocked the FRP ones a lot and they cracked.   The Chipboard core when dropped will not break but will need replacement after a lot of abuse.