MarkaSteel-MG Magnetic Dry-Erase - unprinted & printed all 36" x 96" Pricing  3' x 8'

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36" x 84" custom dry erase board

24 sq ft of board

Ordering questions & details Printed & Framed

main MarkaSteel-MG      Hospital boards

There is No Marker Tray on these boards unless noted if needed see Trays   

See new feature for Dec 2013 COAF

Pricing is all Retail ---
Call for resale and volume discount !      3' x 8'     36"x 96"
Mounting is different for all boards - please take into account

DaPlus film overlay on bare boards is $$94 for 3' x 8's

DaPlus film adds a chemical protection for hospital use

(2) Ohio Aluminum Frame Best bet for this size board!- Tray Optional  with and without DaPlus a fantastic board with 1/4" HB backing    36"x96"
Our Ohio Alum Frame at a new low price and Faster lead time has a Optional Snap-on plastic tray in light gray.
**** Angle-brackets  are included with boards of this size  6 per board.
NEW COAF option is available now, make sure you specify if needed.    weight is 48 lbs
Ohio Alum Frame                      
Printed Steel 10/1/2021 1                  
with  adder shown for DaPlus   2                  
 W/O tray   3                  
(3) Printed steel skin only no framing --- Radiuse575d corners available for $16/unit both with and without DaPlus    36"x96"
Printed Steel Skin Only Square Cut 10/1/2021                    
with  adder shown for DaPlus 1                
(7) Steel Skins (unprinted) for those that need plain magnetic receptive dry erase (call for dealer pricing on this item)
repacks     unfilmed filmed   unfilmed filmed   unfilmed filmed See Skin Repacks
1     5-9 $   50-99    
2     10-14 $   100-249    
3     15-24 $   250-499    
4     25-49 $        
(30) Magnet Overlay with DaPlus Dry Erase Surface 35x83 for 36x84 boards - Not a complete Board
           Hospital boards have DaPlus 6+ year,  Non Hospital boards have a 1-2 year dry erase
deduct $90 from hospital price if want a non dry erase non cleanable printed magnet
**** New pricing on a new item subject to change.   No charge for slightly smaller sizes on these.
 .020 Printed updated   Non-Hosp Hospital   Non-Hosp Hospital   Non-Hosp Hospital 400 plus can do offset if all exactly the same.
Magnets 6/10/2016 1     20-34     250-499   $ Call
with  adder shown for DaPlus With  2     35-49     500+   Call  
  DaPlus 5-9     50-99            
  Filming 10-14     100-249            
(30B) Dry Erase Magnet Overlay, No printing, DaPlus laminated onto white vinyl face of .020" magnet.   Price each
36" by 72"  rounded corners are extra
1 2 5-9 10-14 20-99 100+            


steel skins unprinted Repacks

custom sizes available by cutting down standard sizes see costs => here  charges are in addition to above prices  $6 per cut plus other charges

Corners Radiused at 2" available on Printed skins at $16 per board  36"x 84" this page

Skin is just the .024" thick steel with a dry erase surface on one side - it needs to be framed or attached to a back to be used.

Please contact me for further information, samples and pricing.   3/8//2018