MarkaSteel-MG Magnetic Dry-Erase - unprinted & printed all 24" x 84" Pricing  2' x 7'

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Indoff    - offices nationwide
all items drop shipped from MFG
860-632-2026      860-632-2028 Fax
9"x12"  12"x18"  18"x2420"x30" 2'x2'  2'x30"  2'x3' 
2'x4'  2'x5' 2'x6'  30"x40"  30"x48"  36"x36" 3'x4'
3'x53'x6'  4'x4'   4'x54'x6' 4'x7'  4'x8'

24" x 72" custom dry erase board

12 sq ft of board

Ordering questions & details Printed & Framed

main MarkaSteel-MG      Hospital boards

There is No Marker Tray on these boards unless noted if needed see Trays   

See new feature for Dec 2013 COAF

Pricing is all Retail ---
Call for resale and volume discount !      2' x 7'     24"x 84"
Mounting is different for all boards - please take into account

DaPlus film overlay on bare boards is $44 for 2' x 7's

DaPlus film adds a chemical protection for hospital use


Call Allen for this size