System Boards of Various Type

Below I have shown some Advanced or System Boards that go beyond the standard fixed whiteboard

Master Index of all Visual Communication Products

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EganSystem EVS Magnetic

Egan MultiTrack
How do you pack 216 square feet of presentation area into 10 feet? Egan MultiTrack! This four track option of the EganSystem. Each 10' track length will hold up to nine panels with writing or tackable surfaces.   TwinTrack - the two-track version of the System Track holds up to 5 panels per 10' length.  Call us

There are four track configurations and over 40 components available to answer the most demanding visual communication challenges.


Claridge Swing Leaf. . .  . 61  &  Swing Leaf

Modular Wall Mount .  36   poly-16

Sliding-Horizontal. .  37     poly-15

Sliding-Vertical   poly-14   38   39

Claridge conference unit



Executive & Conference Room Wood Cabinets
from various manufacturers

Multimedia Whiteboard Systems LTX        poly-11   this extends the limits of both whiteboards and electronic boards Interactive PC Copyboards
 for use in Conference and Training Rooms
Also see AV items and Screens   

Claridge   Egan     Da-Lite  Quartet