Portable Dry-erase boards and chalkboards in a variety of sizes.  Available in wood or aluminum frames.   Great for factory floors, for impromptu meetings anywhere.   Some models in stock for immediate delivery. 
Group meetings and training sessions are enhanced and stimulated by the use of visual support materials. Mobility allows communication principles to be deployed temporarily for teamwork in areas such as an open office, shops, labs and larger classrooms – anywhere that training, meetings, or break-out groups are involved.   We carry models by 
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Master Index of all Visual Communication Products

Index of Larger Portable Dry Erase boards
In this category are all types of units from Combo Easel/boards to large 4 x 8 portables, to proprietary systems from Egan

If you just need a small board look at our Easels or Hand Carry Boards at Hand
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larger units on casters

Claridge . . .  10   11   15   16   61   62  
92537 Reversible-Portable
AARCO portable Boards
Best-Rite  Portable Alum
Claridge 146EL 4 x 8 ft aluminum frame
UPSable Skins not a board but a dry erase surface on a semi-rigid Phenolic laminate
Space Divider



Egan's newest product => Versaboard
Easels Some are large and have dry erase surfaces
some have caster some don't but you can see a lot of options at Easels.  Here are listed some of the Bigger ones
Supermate™ Easel  Melamine large 57" wide by 72"  111E
Mark ’N Wipe® Easel with Solid Oak Frame   Melamine 60E
Oval Office™ Easel  Melamine 70E and 70EG
Futura™ Easel  Melamine #351600
Prestige Plus

Best-Rite Euro Boards

All Quartet Easels   All Claridge 14  15  16 17  
EGAN MOBILES EganMobile Whiteboards
Speedway Track System   poly-16