Polyvision no longer makes finished boards.   The only Product they still make is the P3 now E3 steel skins.    We are happy to quote you on these skins.   see Ceramic steel Skins

Direct equivalents to their colored cork are at

Most other products can be obtained from our Claridge catalog Polyvision formerly Nelson-Adams a complete line of whiteboards, chalkboards, bulletin boards,  PC electronic Copy boards, cabinets, directories and tackable wall surfaces.

indoff.jpg (10361 bytes) Polyvision Nelsom-Adams complete presentation products

Indoff  selling Nationwide
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Alliance P3 whiteboard skins

For P3 dry erase and Chalkboard skins this is the place to go Alliance

5' skin orange peel

ALL Current Ceramic Steel Skins


all Old stuff for reference to right


Trays for MarkaWall use     All Extrusions

For Framed Bulletin boards go here

For  Colored Cork  bulletin boards

for Vinyl Type I & II vinyl bulletin boards


Trim  &  Trays    Trays Priced

Polyvision Track Wall  its Discontinued

poly-achitectural specs


framed 100 series  its Discontinued
framed 300 series  its Discontinued
Framed 500 series  its Discontinued
Framed 800 Series  its Discontinued
Framed 900 series   its Discontinued



Vertical Sliders            poly-14

Horizontal Sliders         poly-15    see new pricing click this link

H series Sliders new pricing click here

Speedway Track System       poly-16

Multi-Surface Interactive System       poly-17

Executive Conference Units           poly-18

Accessories            poly-19



Tackboards        poly-12   see new pricing click this link

Combination Boards & Tackable Wall Panels... poly-13




All Extrusions

Markerboards  poly-02    see new pricing click this link                              poly-03     poly-04   

Chalkboards                poly-05      poly-06

Screen-printed Graphics  poly-07             see new pricing click this link

Resurfacing & Retro-fit Panels            poly-08

ALL Current Ceramic Steel Skins



Display & Trophy Cases            poly-20-

Directory & Bulletin Board Cases   poly-21


Not sold buy Indoff


Electronic Whiteboards  TS & LT series            poly-09

Copy-board Systems   "CopyCam"               poly-10 

Multimedia Whiteboard Systems    LTX        poly-11


QUICK SHIP ITEMS please fill out order form and quick ship items and email or fax both order forms in.  The lead time on quick ship items is 5-7 business days.  If the item is not listed on the quick ship form it is not a quick ship item and standard 3-4 week lead time applies.     quick ship order form                                               order form
Webster Electronic CopyBoardsFull line of installations instructions
Webster Electronic Copyboards