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Indoff    - offices nationwide
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New => for Custom full color Graphics see CGW
AARCO   Portable models can get lines screened on - lower cost less life faster lead time  

About Lines on White Boards                    Quote Request for Portable Music Boards

Polyvision  Boards    Full Brochure on available Screen-printed Graphics
MarkaSub - need a great dry erase without magnetic capabilities but with color graphics CGW 

Our exclusive set of Detachable Music Boards  A1864

Claridge Music Boards   Boards
Music Boards are available from Claridge on any of their LCS or Chalk boards. Lettering, staffs, staves, clefs can be added also in addition to the lines.   Lead time is 6-12 weeks (depends on time of year).
For typical board with specifications needed for final order see  Standard Music.    
Spacing will vary with size of chalk trays or lack of one - standard trim is 5/8" and
chalk tray is 2-5/16 tall on LCS2000 units and 1-5/16" on 800 series units
Any of the LCS whiteboards can be customized see Claridge.    

Music Staff Lines and Ruled White Boards-PO format   
Use for fastest Delivery => Factory LCS standard format => Here <==

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