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Music Staff Lines and Ruled White Boards-PO  page

Layout for _______

Standard Music Board final order shown below for 4' LCS2000 style board

Size of Board==>   4' by ___'
Do Staves go all the way across==>  Yes
Number of sets of staves=>  Four
Is there any lettering, Treble Notes or Bass Clef needed=>  No
Line width to be===> 1/8" or 1/16"
Line color ==> Black
Line spacing within stave=> 1-3/8"
Markerboard Color==>  #32 Claridge white
First staff line starts so many inchs from top of board===> 5"
Spacing Between sets of staves=> 4"

5 inches

4 inches

4 inches

4 inches

5 inches above tray

Tray Area - 2-5/16" on LCS Deluxe Units