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Claridge Grided / Ruled  Boards 
Claridge will permanently add lines, grids,  etc to a whiteboard.   It is done at the factory to the bare LCS skin and is fired in an oven at 1000 degrees F.    The LCS skin is then make into a framed board.    This takes 6-8 weeks.
Fused Boards are not affected by solvents and do not have a perceptible bump at the lines

Screened Lines on Ceramic-Steel.  Yes we can do this also.  Properly applied Screen printing with reasonable care is a very economical method to produce many boards.  Lines are not fused into surface and therefore they are not as permanent as fused lines.  Also Strong Solvents can degrade lines and the Screen printed lines are raised so there is a Bump. 
Polyvision Alliance also has Pre-Screened Magnetic Porcelain steel Boards see Pre-Screened
"Penmanship, Music staffs, 1' x 1" grids, polar coordinates, US map, World Map, 2" horizontal lines"
Offers many Whiteboards with permanent grids see Quartet Planning  They have boards with just grid-lines and ones set up for in/out use.

Does not have any means of putting lines on boards.  They do however offer a light grid of 2" by 2" on their MJRGR JustWall that is available only in a 48" roll width (can be any length) with wallpaper back.    They also have some other new lined items all at   MarkaWall -lines and Grids

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See Space Saving Swing-Leaf Link  Great for Music Boards

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