Dry Erase Calendars....All are custom printed so you can get any configuration or size by combining  units.   Dry-Erase Calendars
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Boards can be used as simple Calendars, for Project control, Personnel Planning, Job Scheduling, or Activity Planning.   All are Dry-Erase, most models are Magnetic to accept magnetic letters, numbers headers label holders etc
(Note Steel boards are inherently magnetic)
Layouts for Calendars
Layout for 1 month
Layout 2 Month
Layout 3 Month
Layout 4 Month
Layout 6 month
Layout 10 Month School
Layouts 12 month

Start with a standard and modify to your hearts content

Magnetic Framed

18"'x24" one
2'x2' one
2'x3' one
3'x3' one
4'x4' one
4'x5' one
4'x6' one
4'x7' one
4'x8' one
2'x10' or 4'x10' from 2
2'x12' or 4'x12' from 2
4'x14' from 2
4'x16' from 2
verlay Calendars
New UPS shippable Overlays both magnetic and peel and stick

Peel and stick will take magnets if put on steel

Magnets and peel and stick are custom made do almost any size is available

Other magnet ideas

CGW-Basic Kit  
  Magnetic 12 Month Calendar by Indoff 


CGW-Basic Kit

Promotional 22" x29" roll up 12 month dry erase unit see Roll-up calendar
Promotional 24" x36 " 100# paper 12 month dry erase unit see 24x36 calendar
For just grids see Planning Index or  Magna Visual here you can set up your own calendar Layout
or look at Quartets Prestige Series with lots of lines in a magnetic format.
Magnetic calendar headings and accessories click here
magnetic labels and items for boards    Click here
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