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Free freight over $1,750 list
Orders under $200 list add $30 small order charge
All items must be bought in package quantities

1/03 pricing

Prestige Plus PP Series by Quartet Prestige Plus Magnetic Porcelain Planning System All With Graphite Finish Frame 

These are Magnetic with permanent Lines

Larger Picture at bottom of page

All boards below come with one dry erase pen & one eraser  
If you want to spend less and don't need magnetic see Total-erase Planners

Part Number Size Columns Rows   Pricing Shipping

Grid Size

PP1132 3'x2' 34 18 $262.95 UPS 1"x1"
PP1143 4'x3' 46 30 $403.95 TRUCK 1"x1"
PP1164 6'x4' 70 42 $757.95 Truck 1"x1"
PP1232 3'x2' 17 18 $262.95 UPS 1"x2"
PP1243 4'x3' 23 30 $403.95 Truck  1"x2"
PP1264 6'x4' 35 42 $757.95 Truck 1"x2"
PP132 3'x2' - 18 $262.95 UPS -
PP143 4'x3' - 30 $403.95 Truck  -
PP164 6'x4' - 42 $757.95 Truck  -

See Magna Visual links below for all accessories for use with above Quartet Boards

Dry Erase markers, Wipe-On/Wipe-Off markers, Board Cleaner and Marker Kit, Pointer Pens 
Indicators    Stars, Squares, Circles, etc

Cardholders & Inserts for Magnetic Work Plan Boards

Chart Tape to make Grids on your Whiteboard

Magnetic Letters & Numbers

 All in one kit Accessory kits


porcelains steel magnetic lined boards
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