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Dye Lots - The Forbo Cork is no longer (as of 2022) manufactured in dye lots.  Since it is a natural product factory has decided that slight variations are the only way product can be made.  This is usually not a problem for most applications but could be a problem if you are seaming two pieces together.  Since there are no longer Dye Lots old an new material should be comaptable.

Can I glue Forbo on top of Forbo - Forbo's adhesive is pretty strong.  The challenge is that you have to rely on the adhesive from the original material to now hold up both the old piece and the new piece.

Roll Packaging- Material is shipped in a roll with brown craft paper around it

Holding Rolls for Future Shipment - how to have colors rolls held

Shipping Instructions- If Shipment externally looks fine, open & inspect for concealed damage.  You have the right to open and inspect goods before signing.   If driver gives you a hard time, tell him, unless you open and inspect you will sign only with “goods damaged” written on freight bill.   If he still refuses to allow inspection tell him you want to call the terminal manager while he waits.    Carefully inspect all cartons for visible damage, crushing, open cartons, and obvious re-taping.  And then ……

Do your Concealed Damage Inspection while trucker is there.    If you find concealed damage after trucker leaves (or without noting it on slip) it becomes hard or impossible to collect. Note any damage or discrepancies on the carrier’s delivery receipt.  Make sure to be clear about what is damaged.  Make sure the driver also signs and attests to the exception BEFORE you sign for the shipment.  Retain copy of freight slip.    Do not just sign for freight as “received subject to inspection”.   If he won’t let you open and inspect sign as DAMAGED.

Where to Get -  Cork is not sold locally - order from ahutton.com for UPS or truck shipment

Homeowners's -- Be aware anything over 3' by 4' must go by truck ---- it cannot go ups.
Trucking to homes involves minimum rates and home delivery surcharges so freight usually is at least $155 without even the goods considered.   With cork this applies to mostly framed boards.    You can get a length of cork from a roll that will ship UPS.   The colored cork is mostly used directly on wall without frames.  its in the $6.00 per square ft price.
Also - direct to wall installation involves some skill level and direction following - READ directions fully.

Homeowner's please read about Homeowner Orders

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