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Also see Cleanstethoscope


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This will work with both pens and the thin Expo Dry Erase Markers
it will not take standard Expo markers

Available now for $9.95  with refills at $2.50
note Cleanpen refill must be inserted in unit since it would dry out if filled at factory

Expo Markers it will take
84001 Sanford Expo that are 7/16" diameter

Imprinting - Custom imprinting available

Mounting - see mounting to right
Orientation for markers should be horizontal

Refills -
Recommend changing every 2 weeks
Special scents available see imprint page



This Pen cleaner attaches by an included Pressure Sensitive pad  to our steel hospital boards.
This will be permanent and may harm the DaPlus film if pulled off.   We will supply for free a pressure sensitive magnetic strip so the Cleanpen will not damage film.   The magnetic strip is 1.25" x 1"


Is pen or marker wet? 
     There is a cool, clean moist feeling to removed pens and markers along with a great scent.
     Once the pen barrel dries the surface really feels "squeaky clean"

Besides the 2 week time how will I know Refill needs replacement.  
     Insertion will start to get harder, pen will be dry, and insertion will make a dry sponge sound.

Cleanint - Cleanpen & Cleanstethoscope, "It's Simple -- It's Clean"
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