Production Exactly like Sample or Previous  Board

This Needs to be printed and signed and faxed to Indoff-CT before production will begin
You received either a sample or a previous productions order and are ready to move on with a production run.  You are agreeing that the full production run will be made exactly like the previous board. 
There have been NO changes from the previous board !!!
This form is to basically make sure you get the correct image and revision #

Master Index of all Visual Communication Products

call w/ questions

860-632-2028 Fax

 P Note your PO
should have on it
1. A-Number
2.  Size
3. Frame
4. IF has VD

Revision # is not needed or recommended on PO

Production like Previous Received board!
  I would like this production run to make all boards exactly like the existing board.
   This waiver still allows you full return / rejection privileges if we print a the wrong image or provide defective product.

Signed by _____________                           Dated _________

Representing _____________________________

Your PO #_______________

A-Number _________   Revision:_______  Frame ______+_____

Board Size ___________      Quantity ordered __________

Variable Data's File date:___________  & File Rev #: _________

Note Revision number is critical and we cannot process without it being noted!   Also your ok of Variable Data is Critical and needed (if its on your board)!   

                                     Yes it also has been pointed out that disinfectants will ruin boards without DaPlus film!

If you want any changes from the sample or existing  board no matter how small see and use Waiver
This waiver is strictly about the artwork and layout of board and has nothing to do with receiving and inspection of material upon delivery.  Inspection is hospitals responsibility.  If you would like to request inspection guidelines please call 860-632-0226 x113 or email request to  All guidelines will automatically be faxed to hospital with the order acknowledgment