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Plastic Tray on OAF & OAF Non-Mag

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See Ohio Mounting   Ohio vs Plastic
OHIO Aluminum Framed boards are MarkaSteel backed with 1/4" hardboard,  Trim is 1/4" thick with two 1/2" legs P/N A2180

Tray available in light Gray   picture below -- trays are $3.00 per ft       Magnet method add $1.00 per ft

Tray is KR4619 is plastic an it sticks out a hair under 2" into room it snaps on. with no fasteners and can be removed

Ohio Anodized in Dark Bronze - some inventory available in general it adds about $.50 per ft to trim cost and will probable add to 2-3 weeks to lead time.    Note Eyehooks and Angle Brackets are still aluminum colored.   Black plastic tray available!

Also See-> D-Ring vs L-Bracket on OAF

see more pictures at  Marker Holders                   Bid Specs for Ohio Frame

click on wall mounting  for full page picture

1/4 thick framing hook style no brackets or screws provided -  just two hooks at top of board


See Optional  Angle bracket for Mounting $.50 each  will need 4 per board 


Ohio frame with Aluminum Tray Option permanent


Productions Pictures
The plastic tray is very nice and clips on with no tools



  For Mounting L Brackets
 see bottom of this mounting page


also Aluminum short tray
#196 Available

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