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Magnetic Changeable
Dry Erase labels
Easily changed.   Professional and Neat

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Magnetic Dry Erase Changeable Card Holders
Use our DaPlus10 and print your own strips to go under our DaPlus10 or leave it blank and write in whatever you need.  This is a fantastic way to.  We take C-Channel cardholders supply DaPlus10 dry erase lens and can provide the insert printed or let you print it.  A unique system exclusive to Indoff.


These are custom printed and are not returnable!   Make sure size and image are correct!
Remember  - you have to cut out images and approve the PDF proof we send you. 
Images only cut from sheet if quoted as part of job, otherwise you get full sheets and cut them yourself
For non hospital magnet usage the DaPlus is not needed and our Tru Erase film is fine at lower price

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Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   1/2/2015