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How to send art to us for Snap Frames

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Snap Frame art details   nominal size of frame is the size of the Syntisol we print on   - we will use 24"x36" for example For board insert and snap sizes see SNAP DIMENSIONS
   so for example a nominal 24" tall  x 36" wide board will be printed on a insert 24" x 36"
   The aluminum snap frame will go all around and cover 1/2" on all four sides.
   We print from .eps files that are the exact nominal size so art board in Illustrator should be 24"x 36"
        Put a frame layer on the top that has the 1/2" frame to show you if the frame does not cover the art
        The visible area is always 1" less than nominal, so on this example visible is 23"x35"
        It is best if lines and colors bleed under frame rather than stop close to the edge (less than 1/4")



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