How to Order if Outside USA
Note - we have no foreign distribution ! 
If you want any of our products they come from the US
Some product like cork are imported, but you need to find the source.


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If company is based and will be billed in USA but ship to is outside country we can provide shipping papers but generally prefer that we have handled by a freight forwarder from factory dock in us to your location.
Mexico based and invoiced in Mexico:
   Call Us we can supply our whiteboard products and we have Indoff people in Mexico and some in Texas that speak Spanish and can work with us and you on the order. 
   We can provide NAFTA Paperwork.
   Open Accounts available
   We can ship most of our products - except Quartet to Canada
   We can provide NAFTA Paperwork
Military: - see About Government Orders
Rest of the World:
   Orders need to be prepaid via cleared check or Wire transfer
   We are not very experienced with export paperwork so it would be best if we just sent it to a freight forwarder and charged you freight from factory to the forwarder.    We would expect them to inspect goods because once the forwarder accepts product our involvement is done and any freight damage is the forwarders responsibility.    Most of our products are Large and easily damaged so we suggest either paying an upcharge for Export packaging or having a good forwarder handle the goods.    Claridge for example adds 10% to order cost for export packaging (also adds weight to order and bulk with regards to shipping costs).   

Some of our Products such as MarkaWall do however lend themselves well to export since the product rolls up in a tube and hence smaller amounts can even go UPS.   Product is flexible so damage is rare and weight is minimal.

Other products like framed ceramic steel marker-boards really are very bulky, heavy, require crating and from our end do not justify the high freight charges.. try to procure locally.


Samples for overseas - Generally we have fount that the pursuit of foreign business does not work for our products (even thought we have one high volume customer for MarkaWall in South America).  Samples require a certificate of origin and a commercial invoice and usually a minimum of $40 or so in freight charges.    We are happy to supply samples at no charge of most items but you need to pay for freight!     Call with questions.  

**Very Important**
Freight Damage
talk to us about liability for damage
mailing address for orders -- not the FOB point

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