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To Whom It May Concern:

Below please find directions for wiring funds directly to Indoff’s bank account.
If you have any questions please call either
Jeff Spahn @ (314) 997-1122 x253
or Jamie Minnigerode @ x 227.

 Beginning March 1, 2007:

 Wire to:                Commerce Bank
            For Deposit to: Indoff Incorporated

           ABA:  101000019         Acct# 208016510

            Bank contact information:
 8000 Forsyth    St. Louis, MO 63105    (314) 746-3647


Typically we have found that a wire transfer can show up in one hour or 24 hours.  It really depends on the individual bank.  If you are in a rush for the order then consider an overnight check.


**Very Important**
Freight Damage
talk to us about liability for damage
mailing address for orders -- not the FOB point

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Cromwell, CT 06416
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