Options with our COAF Changeable Aluminum frame
Here is the whole range of options to do boards with different prices and features.   This page done for 24"x18" at 100 pieces.
Call for clarification --- All are Printed

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see COAF frame 

See 18x24 all pricing


see Nursing Home

Buy Printed with ability to change layout in future or

Get it Unprinted initially with ability to inexpensively turn it into a full color printed dry erase board.

All items below take the DaPlus10 insert which makes the surface Ok for disinfectants.   This also allows new layouts to be placed between the board surface and the DaPlus10 giving you a fully changeable board . The Daplus10 insert for this size is about $10.

All these are option to go in our COAF frame and serve various needs
# on price pages Does it
take magnets
Printed Dry Erase Grade Price
for 100
#2  Steel+DaPlus Yes Yes Hospital DaPlus $123 $58 **Most Popular & best for Hospitals
#2  Steel Bare Yes Yes Office grade $114 $49 Nursing home with special care OK
#25 3M on Masonite No Yes Hospital DaPlus $116 $51.5 Hospital if don't want magnetic
#20 Steel+DaPlus Yes NO Hospital DaPlus $43 $43 add graphics later under DaPlus10
#20 Steel Bare Yes NO Office grade $34 $34 add graphics later under DaPlus10
#21 White+DaPlus NO NO Hospital DaPlus $35 $35 add graphics later under DaPlus10
#22 Melamine NO NO


$25 $25 add graphics later under DaPlus10
Dry Erase Grade
Hospital DaPlus:  Daily disinfecting best with 20 year warranty OK
Office grade:  Disinfectants will cause ghosting.   OK in certain areas.
Poor:  So-so dry erase to be white will ghost over time even without disinfectant use
8/26/2014   Pricing is all Retail ---   Call for resale and volume discount !