Fluorescent Dry Erase

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Fluorescent Dry Erase is a term given to black marker-boards that accept fluorescent markers.   Used in restaurants a lot.  Surface material is available alone with finished boards


made to be used with Fluorescent Markers
such as fluorescent-markers



Indoff  selling Nationwide
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Black MarkaRace Top quality all black non magnetic 1/4" thick MDF boards - see price page   for Black menu Boards
Raw Material - We have black acrylic available in 1/8" thickness part number 202S that you can use to make your own Fluorescent board
AARCO Black Neon

     Neon Ritz Markerboards page 27     

       A-Frame Sign page 27

       Black Marker Boards for Neon & Color Markers

Black UltraGloss and Black MarkaSub can be made in quantity call for Quote...      see 11x17 prices

CGWA  Print in black and get a fully black board or one with your graphics on it.

Model # Description
04200 11x14 Foxfire Markerbd.
04201 18x24 Foxfire Markerbd.
04202 24x36 Foxfire Markerbd.
05485 Foxfire Markers