Black Marker Boards for Neon and Color Markers

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All Three Surfaces work with both Neon dry erase markers where you wipe them off and Paint sticks that are wet erase.    Colored Chalk can also be used on the Chalkboard material

Material ===>    Black Melamine Black Chalkboard Porcelain Black Acrylic
Relative Cost ==> Last Expensive Most Expensive Medium - in between
Uses => light usage Indoor Heavy Heavy and outdoor
Common Trade name=>   Neon Ritz Vitracite or Ceramic steel Plexiglass
Markers For =>      
Notes =>       


for markers see=>  Fluorescent Markers Neon & Color Markers  
Regular Framed Units can also be made using any of the 3 materials or we can sell it by itself un-framed
Neon Ritz Markerboards A-Frame Signs