A-FRAME Sidewalk boards
Write-On Boards & POP Signs
A-Frame Sidewalk Boards make great POP signs, that broadcasts messages effectively.

Great for restaurants, pubs, video stores, repair shops, jewelry stores and service
stations. Reach out to your customers and let them know what's inside.
These boards are not available w/o frame.
These boards are available in only the sizes listed below

All units are assembled with weather resistant hardware.
All corners are reinforced with steel angles for long lasting durability
Available frames:
  • North American Red oak with a polyurethane finish.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum with a clear
    satin anodized finish.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum with a black powder coated finish.
Size of writing surface is 36"h x 24"w.
Overall height including legs is 42".

Combine 6 great board surfaces with
3 attractive frames for the unit designed for you
Composition Porcelain Melamine Black White Black
Frame Chalkboard price Chalkboard price Markerboard price Markerboard price Porcelain price Acrylic price
Red Oak A-1 ( ) $158.40 A-1S ( ) $254.10 A-5 $148.50 A-11 $154.63 A-5S $255.09 A-1P $200.60
Aluminum AA-1 ( ) $246.40 AA-1S ( ) $342.10 AA-5 $236.50 AA-11 $242.99 AA-5S $343.57 AA-1BP $289.05
Black Aluminum BA-1 ( ) $288.20 BA-1S ( ) $385.00 BA-5 $279.24 BA-11 $284.35 BA-5S $385.42 BA-1BP $346.85