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Sign Letters, Numbers and Graphics

Warehouse vinyl sign characters and custom color designs


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860-632-2028 Fax

Precision die-cut vinyl adhesive
letters, numbers and special
characters in a choice of colors

Custom graphics including logos,
warning symbols, arrows

High quality vinyl composition is
rated for both indoor and outdoor

Prices include application to sign

letter and number applied to warehouse sign


Product Applications

Custom lettering

Bilingual messages
Custom graphic
Caution Lift Truck Traffic   English-Spanish Danger Do Not Enter   Yield symbol  
Custom # QG144
  Custom # QG324
  Custom # QGF64

      Placing on Warehouse Rack Signs, Hanging Signs, Aisle Signs, custom signs and displays for:
       Locations and work areas
       Warning, safety and caution messages
       English-Spanish messages
       Other symbols and information

Product Options
       Basic colors: black, red, blue, green
       Flourescent colors: red, orange, green, yellow
Custom sizes - up to 22" height, customization charge of $50-100 may be applied
Character compression to properly fit sign size
Custom graphic designs (may incur a nominal set-up charge)

Siizes and Prices

Click on Part # to go to quote form below


Vinyl Characters

Basic Color Fluorescent Color
Part # Price
Each *
Part # Price
Each *
2 Character 1.10 1.15
3 Character 1.50 1.65
4 Character 1.90 2.25
5 Character 2.40 2.90
6 Character 2.90 3.65
8 Character 4.10 5.35
10 Character 5.40 7.40
12 Character 6.90 9.75
14 Character 8.50 12.45
* Price is per character per surface face (one side) and includes application to the sign

Vinyl Graphics

Basic Color Fluorescent Color
H" x W"
Part # Price
Each *
Part # Price
Each *
0-16 Graphics 3.50 7.00
17-64 Graphics 7.00 14.00
65-144 Graphics 14.00 28.00
145-324 Graphics 28.00 56.00
* Price is per graphic per surface face (one side) and includes
application to the sign

See Sign Distance Chart for readability ranges