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We have wide expertise in Magnets, Printing and Dry Erase.   Let us help you solve your needs in the most efficient way.
We have many grades of dry erase from the very best to Promo Disposable
Contact Allen at ext 111 to discuss your needs

Cut sheets up to 40" x 120"
We can make you custom sized dry erase magnets in white in any size up to 40" x 120"

Need to make a metal door or file cabinet side dry erase. We can help with a product that is far superior to dry erase paints.


Aigner pre-made dry erase blank Magnets
Flexible magnetic Strips with a true dry erase surface -->3" max width.   What they don't have as a standard we can custom make.
Magnetic Dry Erase Changeable Card Holders
Use our DaPlus10 in      Print your own strips to go under our DaPlus10 or leave it blank and write in whatever you need.
This is a fantastic way to.  We take C-Channel cardholders
supply DaPlus10 dry erase lens  and can provide the insert printed or let you print it.   A unique system exclusive to Indoff
Colored Tape
More Colored Tape 1" and 2" wide
Not dry erase but wet erase
Zip Grip Wet Erase in color 1/2" 2" and 2"
These are also wet erase but we
index-magnetic-tape Image result for rolls of magnet
Also see Hanging Signs  
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We also offer Magnetic
Stock to print  that you can print yourself and make dry erase.
Dry Erase Wallpaper is a product group we also
Label Holders with PSA backing (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive_

Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   2/8/2016
Please Call to Discuss your needs.  We are very good at this.  Contact Allen at 860-632-2026 x 111