Ceramic Steel over for Chalkboards and Walls

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Ceramic Steel, Porcelain steel and Porcelain Enamel Steel are the generic terms for
Claridges LCS and Polyvisions P3 top quality magnetic dry erase materials.
see Skins for explanation of how used

Types of Porcelain-over-steel Surfaces Available- all with 1/2" backing
Manufacturer Cost     Lead time
Porcelain Enamel


  5' skin orange peel    
    Pł 6100H, 28ga   thickness information: 
                                                       TYPICAL THICKNESS
          Steel                 Enamel-Bottom            Enamel-Top                     TOTAL
    0.013" (± .001")         0.002 - 0.003"                0.004 - 0.0055"            Min.   0.018"
                                                                                                         Max.  0.0225"
The steel nominal is 0.013"
The bottom enamel nominal is 0.0025"
The top enamel nominal is 0.005
Total nominal thickness is 0.020"

to adhere steel skins to chalkboards use WilsonArt LW600 do not use Claridge 16A

Seams are normally run vertically!   Alliance can supply skin only in 200 ft lengths either 4' or 5'
Alliance is FOB CA or IL
Alliance is Stocked in:
 Markerboard Standard White
Markerboard Brilliant White
Porcelain Plus White-projection use
Our Ceramic steel alternative - What a value see MarkaSteel -MG
For Butt Matched pieces got to Butt MAtched
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