White Board Maintenance and Cleaning


Melamine Cleaning (non-magnetic boards) such as Claridge Melamine (MLC)  or Quartet Melamine
Melamine as a surface is
not recommended for any type of commercial use- it is strictly a home use product in our opinion
Melamine surfaces are not designed for use with chalk and the surface will stain if improper markers are used. Do not use abrasive cleaners on Melamine- it is a soft plastic and will scratch or wear thru.   We recommend cleaning with Claridge No. 683 board cleaner.   
Expo Liquid White Board Cleaner by Sanford also does a fine job.

MarkaWall Maintenance (Vinyl Wallpaper)  Click Here
A Great product but Vinyl needs specific care and and use.  Please read maintenance and marker recommendations.    Expo Liquid White Board Cleaner by Sanford also does a fine job.

MarkaBoard MarkaRace MarkaSub and MarkaFilm
Basically same as Vinyl Wallpaper but see MarkaBoard Cleaning here

Porcelain over Steel 
This is the BEST surface for non-ghosting, easy cleaning, scratch resistance and long term life.   Use about any way possible. It can take it.  Such as Alliance P3 or LCS by Claridge or Quartet Re-Mark-Able boards are Ceramic/Porcelain steel.
Alliance P3 has cleaning info her at Click Here.   We also add that erasers must be clean because they tend to smear marker lines if dirty.  To solve this you might want to try our new Sky eraser at Erasers (note sky erasers are only for ceramic steel - do not use on melamine, vinyl wallpaper or MarkaBoard