Overlays & Boards for Fetal Demise
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It is very hard for woman who have suffered fetal demise or a stillbirth to feel comfortable in a room that has a board designed for a childbirth.
If your hospital is large we suggest you get different boards for this area and not use the L&D ones.
If you use the same rooms for both purposes we can provide magnetic overlays to cover the labor and delivery boards that will leave off all reference to the baby.   We can make the overlay so its not an in your face reminder of their loss.

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**Please reference the number below each image- not above.**
Board sizes are listed but can be changed to fit your needs. For a full size print out of any of the layouts listed below, just ask!

A great solution!

Our Frameless boards are changeable and can take a 2 sided insert.   St Francis is getting a Frameless board with the 2 images to the right on it so that the same room can be either L&D for a healthy baby or used for fetal demise

A10816 23.5x36 back of Syntisol Insert for Fetal Demise

on a changeable Frameless Board

A10815 23.5x36 Front of Syntisol insert for L&D
on a changeable Frameless Board


A9575 Magnet Overlay

A9059 before magnet adder

 A2956  24x18

A2956 with A9634 on it

A9059 + Magnet overlay


















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