indoff.jpg (10361 bytes) Indoff Ct is proud to present its line of Sublimation Die Printed Products.   Our focus is on Printed Dry-Erase Materials to make Custom Whiteboards with.   However our exclusive whiteboard shop also prints on fireproof material for fireplace surrounds and has a large format capabilities of up to 4' by 8'.    If you have a material that you need printing on we probably can do it.
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Printing on Furniture

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The ability to print on various substrates makes MuruStone an ideal medium for high quality imaged furniture components. Promotional Items from Indoff

highest quality interior wall panels and other surfaces such as desk or table tops. The panels simulate granite, marble, limestone, corporate logos and art reproductions painted by a variety of masters.

We work closely with architects, interior designers and decorators, building engineers, and property owners to ensure product compatibility with project application.

Graphic Boards Sublimation Printed

custom graphic dry erase board

Digitally Engineered Interior Wall Products Sublimation versus Screening versus Fusing lines see
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