AARCO is very Good at Screening both Melamine and Porcelain over steel Boards.   Screening for Quantity jobs is very cost effective.

Screening compared to fusing and Sublimation

Screening is an on the surface product that is raised, so lines if written on will be felt as mini speed bumps to marker.   If done properly screened lines adhere well but they can be scraped off.  Also the screened lines themselves are not suitable dry erase surface.

Fusing - This is a process done at the porcelain/steel factory where a special ink is baked into surface (refused) at 500 deg F and the lines become a permanent (cannot be scraped off) part of the board.    Usually limited to simple grids and single colors.

Sublimation - this process also puts the colors and lines below the surface so that the printing can not wear off.  Infinite and complicated patterns and colors are not problem


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