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Portable Roll Around and Hand Carry Dry-Erase Boards and products

Note there are a bunch of Easels that qualify as portable dry erase boards see at Easels

Indoff  selling Nationwide
860-632-2028 Fax

by Manufacturer =>
Polyvision    Claridge    Quartet   

For Bigger Roll Around Units click here =>>
 also see Easels since there are many big and small easels with dry erase surfaces
↓↓↓Hand Carry styles are all on this page.↓↓↓
Semi-permanent Wet Erase Dull side
Dry-Erase Glossy side
Dull side also Projects well
plus it rolls up in a tube for carrying
Plan-on-it™   portable dry-erase surface


Quartet hand carry
Bi-fold Dry Erase Board

Wall mounted tenex  flipbook

Claridge 27 lb hand carry portable  model 57 at bottom

Quartet Unimate® Erase Easel  two sided dry erase surface 100TE

Quartet Unimate® Easel   w/ dry erase

Quartet Flipchart Duramax® Easel  w/ dry erase

more Claridge small easels on 15  16

Egan's newest product => Versaboard
they have some small light 26" x 36" boards

new from bestrite new small ones
  New Quartet Motion Board