4 Color Screen Printing++
We don't do any Screen Printing but we digitally print via dye-sublimation onto a onto a variaty of dry erase surfaces that can be used as cleanable - long lasting printed products or as dru erase boards.   Our dye-sublimation printing is not a surface coating that falls off or gets discolored,  it is a permanent change in the color of our white surface.   Printing is at 720 DPI for fantastic quality that rivals the best inkjet printed on glossy paper at sizes to 4' by 7'.

Call Allen at x 111 you will be surprised at our capabilities and our pricing on this cutting edge technology that is far superior to 4 color Screen Printing. 

Pricing is attractive for both short run and large projects.   Call us and surprise yourself!
We do most of our business wholesale so call us we'll make you money!
All surfaces (steel, aluminum, hardboard, fiberglass) are rigid.

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Aluminum boards can be stamped as in Speedway sign above

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CGW                  CGWA - Dry Erase Aluminum Printed


                    Custom Printed for Patient's Rooms