Syntisol 3629 Printed Inserts
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We use Syntisol for our printed inserts because it is a superior print media that paired with our Daplus10 lens covers makes a fantastic system.

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3629 SyntiSOL™ is a tear resistant, smooth, polypropylene display film with a “low glare,” satin finish and a water resistant, scratch resistant coating. The SyntiSOL™ family of products lay extremely flat, both on the printer and in final application. 3629 is compatible with solvent, UVC and latex printers.   Thickness is .007".  We print on the roll with that gives us the best yields for your final size.  Rolls are 36" 54" or 60".
We keep it in stock and can print and trim to size very quickly.
** Note **Thickness of Insert if you supply your own
As you make your insert thicker it will decrease the ability of our magnetic marker rings and other magnets to hold.
Also on Snap Frames they are designed to work and ordered to work with a specified thickness.  So our standard ones with our .007 insert and our .010" Daplus10 lens cover are set for closing on up to .025".   Snap frames have to be ordered to take thicker inserts!
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