Frameless Board Magnets to hold Insert and Lens
Regular magnets will not work on glass boards you need high power ones like these

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Small Button

WB250G-Whites is Optional Magnet over D250D-White Upcharge of $6 for set of 4 when ordering complete Boards
Holds 29 3x5 index cards to our frameless board.





Small Whiteboard Disc 

D250D white is Standard and 4 are included with each unit
Holds 21 3x5 index cards to our frameless board.




Must be ordered in at least 20 pieces of a style

Style Part # Diameter Height # of 3x5 held to Frameless colors Price each
Large Button WB470J 1.20" 15/32"  sheets seven $6.00
Medium Button WB250H 1" 7/16"  39 sheets white or black $5.30
Small Button WB250G 7/8" 3/8" 29 sheets eight $3.40
1/2" Disc D250D 1/2" 1/4" 21 sheets ten $1.88
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