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Call For Pricing -This is the Best Projectable Surface but we have special Pricing Especially on big jobs

EganWall is Flexible, and Versatile!

Use EganWall to re-surface existing chalkboards, EganWall is robust enough to handle almost any surfacing application. It's flexibility even allows it to wrap around columns!

Egan's exclusive SmoothMount lamination technology makes EganWall a thick, durable material, substantial enough to install smoothly over most wall situations. Even small imperfections are reduced when resurfaced with EganWall.

EganWall is suitable in a wide variety of applications including adhesion to existing walls, columns or other architectural detailing where dry-erase notation or projection is required. EganWall can be applied directly over many outdated writing surfaces, including blackboards. EganWall has a substantial gluable backing with an incredibly flat and stable EVS™ surface, which creates a superior appearance unmatched in the visual communication industry.


High Quality EVS Dry-Erase Projection Surface

EWW (EVS Write) is a guaranteed-to-clean dry-erase markerboard, which provides for easy-erase with EganMarkers and tolerates the use of lower quality, office dry-erase markers.

EWP (EVS Projection) is a highly effective projection screen featuring comfortable viewing without dimming the lights. EWP performs well as a dry-erase surface as well. Low quality markers may be a bit stubborn to remove, but can be easily cleaned with an ammonia based cleaner such as Windex™. EVS is guaranteed-to-clean.

EganWall Installs Quickly and Easily


EganWall is available in a roll 54"h or 48"h to any length required, with optional trim to match the existing decor.

EganWall is designed to provide the highest quality dry-erase and projection surface available in a roll format. The SmoothMount lamination process assures that EganWall has an absolutely flat memory. For information about installation visit the Library.

EganWall is available on our with 10 day delivery.