VersaPRO formerly EganWall has the best project able dry erase surface in the industry!
direct wall applied, continuous, write-on/project-on markerboard
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VersaPro Series of Egan Visual Surfaces (EVS)

Surface-W EVS  for writing
Surface-P EVS for Projection

Adhesive-L series Low adhesion PSA
Adhesive-H Series High adhesion PSA
Adhesive-G Series for Paste/Glue

VersaPRO available in both 48 and 54" at same Price

The VP xxxx PG model is what you want instead of our MNV series of our NuVuWall



Part number is VP (length) (Width) Surface Adhesive
Example of PN   Surface Back/Adhesive notes
VP xxx 54 W L VersaPro 54" Writing Low PSA for Glass
VP xxx 54 W H VersaPro 54" Writing High PSA for Drywall less than 20'
VP xxx 54 P H VersaPro 54" Projection High PSA for Drywall less than 20'
VP xxx 54 P G VersaPro 54" Projection Glue (no PSA) drywall over 20' - most Popular
Price per Quantity                                         All subject do dealer/Contractor discounts
weight per 400 ft roll is xxx    lbs
Number of linear ft Linear ft price List per Roll  
 less than 200 $65 LF x $65  
200 ft roll 1/2 roll $49 $9,800 per 1/2 roll VPC20054
400 ft full roll $47 $18,880 per roll VPC40054
800 ft in 2 rolls $44.65 $17,860 per roll VPC40054
1200 ft or more 3+ rolls $42 $16,800 per roll VPC40054

See installation instructions of the   Eganwall installation      EganWall Install-Floor to ceiling-blackboard

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Cleanability of Versa
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