Dry Erase Terms    

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Skin Only -  Generally refers to a thin hard non-flexible surface permanently coated with a dry erase coating.    Most common would be ceramic material baked on 24-28  gauge steel.
Our Markaboard line also offers MarkaSub and MarkaRace steel which are polymer coating on steel.     Skins need to be either glued directly to a wall and trimmed or laminated onto hardboard and framed to get a usable product.   A Steel skin dry erase board weights approximately 1 lb per sq ft, has pointy corners and sheared edges that should be covered.   This gauge steel by itself  needs to be mounted to some type of backing by either customer or us at factory.
for example see  26     MarkaRaceSteel   MarkaSubSteel  

Backed panels - Skin only above laminated to either 1/4 hardboard, 1/2" MDF or some substrate.
this can be sold like this and is usually framed by customer with wood trim.  
for example see 27  or

Framed boards - steel skin laminated to backer of hardboard or MDF and then framed with either aluminum extrusions or wood.

Dry Erase Wallpaper - see our MarkaWall line of Vinyl Dry-Erase Wall-covering that goes up like wallpaper

LCS - This is Claridges term for their Porcelain Enamel Steel surface it stands for "Liquid Chalk Surface" which is another way to say Dry-Erase

liquid marker boards - Same as LCS or Dry-Erase(Not a dry chalk board)

There is one porcelain surface that can work with both chalk and Dry-erase markers see chalkboard-plus.  


about ceramic or porcelain steel