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These boards take magnets and have a hidden mounting system   Float Style
All have tempered glass and a 50 year warrantee
Lead time is 10-12 weeks
From China could be subject to Tariffs

Trays are included

Special Introductory prices below....... Large orders will ship freight free!
Model Size Thickness Tray wt List Intro $ priced date  
Below are custom Printed with 10-12 week lead
BM-24x18 24x18 1/8" wall attach 10      
BM-36x24 36x24 1/8" wall attach 48      
BM-36x48 36x48 1/8" wall attach 36      
BM-48x72 48"x72" 1/8" wall attach 72 $1310.00 $ 8/2019
Below are in stock layouts shown below see above for custom printing
84216 23.62x17.72 1/8" wall attach 10 $204.74      
84217 35.43x23.62 1/8" wall attach 18 $304.49      

84216 or 84217 layouts


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