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for Natural Cork Installation

Tackable Wall Covering Installation
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 Use 1/8″ x 1/8″ x 1/16″ V notched trowel with L910W on Forbo Cork
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Brand 1 Quart
20 Sq Ft
1 Gallon
90 Sq Ft
4 Gallon
360 Sq Ft
L910W $20.00
w/ cork
Henry 356C     $130 get locally  
Claridge #15 they use L910W        

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- Only L-910W is recommended by Forbo - anything voids warranty

Forbo Recommends L-910W for direct to the Wall: 
Coverage of 120-150 per gallon.   Make sure you have extra
available in quarts, gallons and 4-gallon pails
Forbo adhesive is water based and works better with surfaces that breath, not recommended for Glass
Forbo adhesive, for direct to the wall gluing is $182 for a 4-gallon pail. Please note if this is for a direct to the wall installation, the installers should be familiar/trained in this type of installation.  Some Installers think the Forbo adhesive is to quick to set.   This adhesive can be used for flat panel assembly but care is needed.      In general the L-910W is has higher initial grab than other adhesives but less of a final grab.

Forbo recommends applying to both wall and Cork at a specified thickness and then waiting (up to 20 minutes, depends on temp, humidity) for proper Tackiness to develop.   Material once put up needs to be rolled with a linoleum roller.
Use 1/8″ x 1/8″ x 1/16″ V notched trowel with L910W on Forbo Cork


Henrys is less money ships with the cork an highly recommended by both installers and Henrys. 356C is per Henrys solvent free water base SBR type that is perfect product for jute backed cork.  Henry #356C may be at Home Depots.  The Henry's however is slower to set and while great for gluing to 1/8" hardboard (pre-fab Panels) Direct to the wall requires extra skill to get it adhere perfectly to wall.   (lower initial tack must be factored in)

To contact Henrys for location near you call 800-232-4832



If an alternative adhesive must be used, look for a top quality multi-purpose S.B.R. adhesive such as Henry's 356C Adhesive or Armstrong's 135.  

Erasables Unlimited recommends:
Armstrong Linoleum Adhesives S-750

While use of factory recommended adhesive L910W in itself does not guarantee a perfect installation, use of other adhesive w/ lack of experience with material and of L910W adhesive will probably lead to adhesive and product failure. Use of any other adhesive other then the L910W voids material warranty

Some of these adhesives are special order or are not carried at certain Home Depots.  We have found a few places on line that will ship the adhesives.


Installation: cuts etc
experienced installers do cuts by hand but there is are Forbo tools available tool list and tool price list

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