Forbo Colors Master Color sheet
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 Tac-a-Cork Bulletin board Wall covering 
-A Uni-colored Linoleum/cork Wallcovering

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Colored Cork Crossover Sheet by mfg

All colors are muted / earthy colors they are not brilliant or bright
These are the 15 current Forbo colors available now and in the future.   Nine are new and 6 are continued from the past.

Remember that seeing actual cork is the only way to get true colors.  These pictures vary by camera, monitor and printer.

The six Forbo colors in the bottom two rows will eventually be discontinued. Factory says they will be available thru March 2016. Warehouse stock after March 2016 will be available till depleted. So if you have a future need for these colors you should consider ordering in January.
New Color

2206 Oyster Shell

Our Description:
Light Cinder Block grey

New Color

2207 Cinnamon Bark


Our Description:
Cinnamon Bark

New Color

2209 Black Olive

Our Description:
Black Olive

New Color

2214 Blue Berry



Our Description: Ink Blue

New Color

2210 Hot Salsa



Our Description: Red Pepper

New Color

2211 Tangerine Zest



Our Description: Canned Pumpkin

New Color

2212 Fresh Pineapple
Our Description: Sun dried Mango
New Color

2213 Baby Lettuce
Our Description: Clover Green

New Color

2208  Mushroom Medley

Our Description:
Earthy Clay Grey

Continued color

Forbo 2182 Potato Skin
Claridge 1111 Smoke
close to Pantone 7530 C
quarry 82
 both 48" and 72" wide
Color Description Actual Sample Smoke
Our description: Putty muted gray, real subtle blue undertones to make it cooler. Medium gray.  
Continued color
Forbo 2186 Blanched Almond
Claridge 1110 Fawn
close to Pantone 4675 C

48" and 72" wide

Color Description From Actual Sample Coffee
Our description:  Sandstone color. Warm yellow undertones similar to coffee with cream.  Blanched Almond

Continued color

Forbo 2187 Brown rice
Claridge 1109 Buff
close to Pantone 7529 C
sandalwood 87

only 48" wide

From Description From Actual sample Buff
Our Description: Counter part 2186.  Med beige cooler very slight blue undertones
Neutral Brownish Grey

Continued color

Forbo 2162 Duck Egg
Claridge 1113 Steel Grey
close to Pantone 7539 C
pewter 62

both 48" and 72" widesteel grey

Our description: Medium muted blue undertones of gray not warm.  Earthy blue

Color Description From Actual Sample Blue Slate or
Medium Grey Blue

Continued color

Forbo 2166 Nutmeg Spice
Claridge 1100 Tan
close to Pantone 7504 C
suntan 66
both 48" and 72" wide

Color Description From Actual looking at sample Cowhide
Our Description: Light Tobacco beige yellow undertones to brighten
Nutmeg spice

Continued color

Forbo 2204  Poppy Seed
Claridge Graphite 1136
close to Pantone Cool Gray 10C
stone 04
only 48" wide


Color Description From Actual Sample Graphite
Our Description Muted gray earthy clay color.  similar to wet cement
Stormy Sea Blue

Forbo 2203 Discontinued
Claridge 1133 Green
close to Pantone 444 C

only 48" wide

Color Description From Actual Sample Moss
Our Description: Muted Green subtle blue undertones to tone it down earthy color



Forbo 2067 Discontinued
Claridge 1105 Desert Sand
close to Pantone 7536 C
both 48" and 72" wide

Green based beige muted w/ slightly yellow undertones



Forbo 2185 Discontinued
Claridge 1107 denim
close to Pantone 75415 C
 both 48" and 72" wide
Color Description From Actual Sample Blue Jean
Our Description: Medium Muted Blue.  brighter blue then 2162 with out undertones



Forbo 2202 Discontinued
Claridge 1132 Black
close to Pantone Cool Gray 11C
charcoal 02
only 48" wide

Color Description From Actual Sample Dark Chocolate/ Charcoal
Our Description: Brown / Black color of expresso w/ no cream no a true black



Forbo 2205 Discontinued
Claridge 1134 Midnight
close to Pantone 539 C
old blue 05
only 48" wide


Color Description From Actual Sample Navy Blue
Our Description: Muted Midnight Blue.  subtle gray undertones so color is not bright
Forbo 2201 Discontinued
Claridge 1135 Brick
close to Pantone 7609 C
autumn 01

only 48" wide


Color Description From Actual Sample Brick
Our Description: Red/ Brick brighter then brick because of yellow undertones