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Forbo Cork Ordering Concerns
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 **We Will Quote you on a Theoretical 94' roll **

On your Costs!

Forbo Cork Rolls are manufactured in lengths from 88 to 100 running feet.

Warehousing and shipping constraints do not allow us to quote you a particular roll that is a fixed length.  (Your quote will be approximate.)

You will get an additional or revised sales order acknowledgment after the material is shipped

This has always been a difficult problem we have no way of solving

Remember factory recommends getting 10% extra material

For Example:   If you need a 110 ln ft. 

We write it up as a full 94 ft roll and a 20 ln ft cut.  If we pull down a roll that is 97 ln ft we do not adjust the cut pc you will receive a 97 ln ft pc and a 20 ln ft cut.  If you absolutely have to have your cut size adjusted we can do that but the material will not ship immediately.  It requires someone to pull the full roll down and give the measurements to the office who then has to revise the paperwork for the warehouse and send it back out w/ the adjusted size on the cut piece.  If your cut pc needs to be a critical size you need to tell us that and specify what that cut size needs to be.  Anything less then a full roll is charged at the cut price even when purchased w/ a full roll.

For Example:   If you need a "rolls" amount  of cork

If we quote you a 94 ln ft roll and we ship you a 98 ln ft roll you will receive a second charge for the 4 additional ft sent(it will be at the full role price).  We will automatically adjust the resale discount if applicable.

Note you may also get only 88 ft roll in which case we will deduct from our quote and your invoice.  Or if prepaid we will issue you a check

 *** Please Note Forbo recommends getting 10% extra so job can be completed on time and be able to handle small imperfections in material that appear from manufacturing, shipping, handling or installation.

Our quote is not based on the exact roll size that will ship.  It is based on an average roll size.  Roll sizes will always vary in length
Rolls are always different sizes.  We have no control over the size of the roll pulled down.  They are based on the manufacturing process which we do not control.
Example 14 rolls x 90 ln ft x 6ft height = 7560 sq ft.  Your acknowledgment and first invoice may read this.  You may get a revised or second invoice stating an additional 509 sq ft shipped.  We will list the exact roll sizes that shipped.  Material is priced per sq ft for this very reason and not by the roll.  You are responsible for additional material shipped it is not free.
Inventory constantly changes we cannot hold roll sizes and what is in stock one minute may not be the next minute.

If you want to hold a roll see Holding Rolls of Cork


To get Forbo Cork Rolls you must sign and return this page to 860-632-2028      6/14/2011