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Swing Leaf Custom Unit Sold Exclusively thru Indoff
Save Space !!!!
Get Twice the Writing Surface In same wall space.

Mix and match surfaces.
Lead Time - 4-8 weeks from factory depending on time of year

also see new FlipBook from Tenex

Indoff    - Sold Nationwide
860-632-2028 Fax
Part # Surfaces Back Panel Swing Panel Wt total Sq-ft List
1511-SL-8-4 all - LCS 8' wide
 by 4' tall
4' x 4' 144 64 $795

Basic specs:  These Boards are Claridge #4 Factory built LCS Marker Boards with a Swing Leaf Bracket Supplied to be mounted on a wall in center of 4 x 8 board.  The Swing Leaf Bracket will hold one swinging 4' by 4' LCS panel with LCS on both sides.   Boards trimmed in Clear satin anodized aluminum.    Nether board will have a chalk-tray or map rail. 

Options- Swing Panel or Back Panel can be combinations of surfaces, for example back panel could be LCS whiteboards and swing panel could be a chalkboard on one side and music boards on other.     possible surfaces - Lined boards, music staff lines, Cork Bulletin Board, Chalk, Fabric Bulletin Boards.

No Wall Anchors or screws supplied.    Must Ship Via truck Frt Class 70.  
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