Claridge LCSII

Projectable Ceramic Dry Erase
see also Butt Matched Pieces

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LCS-II Fact Sheet or #75

LCS-II Porcelain Enamel Steel Specification:

The surface of the cold rolled steel, specially processed for temperatures used in coating porcelain on steel, is pre-cleaned to ensure bond between the steel and the porcelain surface. After pre-cleaning, during a 3-coat process, both steel surfaces receive a ground coat of porcelain enamel. Then, a color cover coat of porcelain is applied to one surface of the ground coat and is fusion bonded to the steel substrate at a temperature necessary to reduce steel and porcelain stresses, but no less than 1200 degrees F. LCS-II, with low gloss, can be used as a projection surface.

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Life of Building Guarantee

Under normal usage and maintenance, and when installed in accordance with Claridge instructions and recommendations, Claridge LCS-II porcelain enamel steel markerboard writing surfaces are guaranteed for the life of the building. Guarantee covers replacement of defective boards but does not include cost of removal or reinstallation.


Writes easily

Erases cleanly (dry-erase)

Low gloss

Can be used as a projection surface

Minimal "hot spot"



Highly scratch and stain resistant

Long-wearing surface

Smooth, velvety touch