Die Cutting of our Printed Dry-Erase Aluminum


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We can die stamp our aluminum to almost any shape you desire.   It is die stamped after its printed but before its embossed.     We will make the die-stamping tool from your artwork and will use a minimum of 1/8" radius on any points or curves or corners.   We will also need 1/4" of bleed outside of where you want the die-cut to be.

Note bleeds when pictures below are clicked on.   Its best if your art people do the bleeds.

about Die costs ,,,,,,,,,,,

These are temporary low cost dies to cut aluminum and emboss and are usually only good for about 1,000 to 1,500 pcs.

Hard dies to do same coat about $20,000 or more.

We will only charge you for one temp tool for die cut and one emboss die, even if you order 5,000 or 10,000 or more per P.O.     We will cover cost of additional dies to run that specific P.O. quantity.

Example: If you order 5,000 pcs of die cut and embossed signs, we would charge you for one set of dies, (but we'd make several sets to complete the order at our expense).     For any future P.O.'s, requiring same dies, we will have to charge the full cost of dies again (and we'll cover the same costs, as above.)

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