Limited English Proficiency Requirement on a patient medical board

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Hospitals use this box to warn nurses and doctors of language problems so that the correct interpreters can be made available to get the patients consent

note styles available or not available below

proficiency-3 box is 3" x 16" in size

proficiency-1 box is 4.25" x 16" in size

Profiency box 6 real thin    2.25" x 16"

proficiency-2 box is 4.25" x 16" in size

  proficiency-4   6-3/4" wide by 2" tall

Box #7    16" x 2.25"

Box#8  16" x 2.25" (Black & White)

Box#9  16" x 2.25" (Black & White)

for image of their full board 11 x 14.4"

with proficiency box above at bottom
Woodhull Communication Board