indoff.jpg (10361 bytes) When you have a Big Graphic need!

Professional are needed to get you the image uou need.   Below I have listed some art sources along with a blurb on our graphic specialist.

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Basic Layouts are free at Indoff with Custom Work at a nominal Charge
We now have a full time graphic artist in house with many years of experience and a great skill set for hospital boards.   We are able to now tackle complex professional required projects if time permits at $75 per hour.   Please note that our normal hospital graphics and layouts are done for free as part of our service by the same graphic artist Erich.   However if you need a logo designed, a brochure done or a totally unique and time consuming board layout their will be a charge.   
 Call Allen at x 111  if discuss any custom work needed!

Go here to see your choice to layouts to base your board on Layouts

If your logo is a poor quality bitmap we can vectorize it and return you files that you can use for many other applications at your facility.
This can usually be done for $50.  Send it to us and we will let you know.

It is important to have a high quality logo on your board so it prints perfectly.


Some of our customers who do complete system work
 and can redo your whole facility with
architectural graphics of the highest caliber.
Takeform Architectural Graphics
also see Options for Hospital Boards  

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