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Bid Specifications on COAF + Film
COAF(Changeable Ohio Aluminum Frame)

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1. Printed board surface is 24 gauge steel.  (our boards accept magnets).

2. Boards are Printed by dye sublimation in full color CMYK printing at 720x720 resolution.   (Top quality full color printing of anything digitized.)

3. COAF frame is satin anodized aluminum with standard D-ring hangers or optional L brackets available.   (Long lasting good looking quality.)

4. COAF frame has 1/4" hardboard  backer that is glued onto the printed steel skin.   (Board is nice and sturdy)

5. Artwork done quickly, easy accessibility for free as part of job.  (We have done between $50 to and $2000 worth of free artwork per job)

6. Experience and references (no one but Indoff has over 50,000 boards at over 1000 hospitals and 3,000 layouts.)

7. DaPlus our disinfectant and chemical resistant film is an exclusive.   We are the only ones with boards in the field that shrug off disinfectants (over 6 years with no failures).  You will destroy all other full 4 color printed boards very quickly without our "proven chemical resistant Daplus film.  

8. Warrantee.   If you somehow destroy the dry erase film within a  20 year period we will supply you with new film for you to install (like window tinting).  Damage by abrasion is excluded (you can then buy film at a nominal cost)

9. You are buying form Indoff Inc via PO from a professional company with over $100,000,000 a year in sales.

10. Snap-on plastic tray available along with magnetic marker clips.

11. The Changeable feature allows comple layout change in future for little cost.

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About Our Boards and US!
Indoff CT is a master at producing quality custom printed dry erase boards.    8/28/2014