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Framing it Locally or
Glue over plain whiteboard

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On our price pages there is an item 3) This is the printed steel skin that we put inside a plastic or aluminum framed.   The steel skins weight 1 lb per square ft and require a rigid backing so they don't tin-pan.  On our Ohio aluminum frame we glue a 1/4" hardboard back to the skin before framing.  

The Printed steel skin with or without film can a also be cut to size so it can be glued over an existing whiteboard.   This works if  you have a custom frame that you would like to use with a new custom printed dry erase surface.

I you need a sample of the skin skin either DaPlus filmed or plain they are available in 9" x 12" pieces.

The steel we use is 24 Gauge and about .024" thick.   It has been flattened so it is very flat- no curl after film is applied its about .028" thick about 1/32"  or 8 sheets of 24 lb copier paper.
The steel surface if dry erase and the image if put on by dye sublimation.

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Indoff CT is a master at producing quality custom printed dry erase boards. 

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