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We have made a large lot of MarkaSub Blanks that are approx 18" x 23" and have rounded corners and a bullnose routed edges.  These are our  1/8" hardboard backed substrate.

We can get them out to you very Quickly
see pricing below

Indoff  selling Nationwide
860-632-2028 Fax
  Send us a file and we will print these blanks
These are in stock so NO WAIT

No framing just stand alone blanks like used on our calendar boards CGW-Basic Kit
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Full printing as in map below is slightly extra
images like calendars and planners are fine at prices shown

-----  All below are printed in color.  Assuming no layout costs (print ready file)  ---- of course there are volume and resale discounts available - this chart is to show how little even one can cost 18" x 23" is a stock size for us with routed edges and rounded corners
Quantity per order frame None     Cost per Each approx freight cost
 just one       $10 + $10 packaging + UPS UPS
  see brochure => Small Hardboard Printed Boards  square cut

For Standard Routed edges and round corners see stock Routed